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The Lamentations of Eros and Psyche Verse One My sisters and I were raised in an unnamed fiefdom without borders. You might wonder how such a thing is possible, how such a property could exist without barriers or limits or even a record of its yardage. But such is the wisdom of the gods. And Ilithyia, daughter of our protector, Queen Hera, and the one entrusted by Hera to conceal us, found exactly such a place: a land not only without limits of its range but also owned by a lord and lady without any but the limits of mortality to their minds. Our benefactors received my sisters and I as infants and from the start were kind and jovial. For eighteen years and without spoiling us, the lord and lady gave every consideration, confection and courtesy a mortal mind could ever imagine. Had I ever had an opportunity to choose parents, I wonder if I could have done so well as to select our lord and lady. Our earthly home was warm and without politics. My sisters and I were educated, through both lecture and example, in the many ways of the human heart — philosophy, religion, ethics, and art and music. But in all areas of our education, I never found an opportunity to forget where we came. Especially with so much study of art and music, as its very divination is from the gods BDSM movies. I knew from infancy that our lord and lady's nobility were none but stand-ins to our true peerage. As a child, I sometimes wondered whether my sisters, Agvi and Thavma, recalled our real history. Running through the high wet grasslands that ran south of the fief, floating in the cool fragrant lakes of its western edge and cawing the yows up the northern hillsides with the young shepherds, I certainly wished I could forget our lineage — both from where we'd come and why we three must remain hidden. I wished for my sisters own sake that they had been able to cast off old memories and fears. For myself, such lineage was ever present in my thoughts. For every thought that might wander, every curious imagining, reminded me, like whispers calling, "This internal world is your realm; its control is your destiny." And since I had no opportunity to escape it, I first bridged the link between conscious feeling and the subconscious mind through ministrations upon my own person. One morning, early, well before breakfast or lessons, I dressed quickly and ran to the heathers of the verdant northern hills, the wind nipping playfully at my heels and stirring my matted loose hair. There, I found where the shepherds had driven the yowes, the flocks baying softly as they grazed. The wind was as gentle and still as I, as I watched the shepherds gossip and draw sticks through the soft earth and fidget upon their aulos, and doing all best to overcome their boredom at the repetitive, mindless task of minding the sheep. I plucked and chewed at sweet grasses absently as I watched. I knew if I tarried too long livenudecam, I would be missed and thus had brought an apple as well, should I miss the day's first meal. But the wind whipped through the sweet grasses as if encouraging me to stay and have patience a moment longer. And eventually, one young shepherd, tall and thin and ruddy like an aluos himself, approached the other in a closeness rarely observed in polite company of the fief. The other's face, angularly boyish and also tinged with unique beauty, lit from within in a broad smile. They closed their eyes, separated by little more than the wind's current between them. Their lips came together in a crushing kiss. I watched their lips press and then spread as tongues met and swirled and hands reached around necks, pulling closer and then roaming over lean arms and flanks. The first, taller boy pulled back a moment, slowing his movements in a poignant way, and as the other raised his arms, pulled the other's loose tunic over his head, leaving him naked as birth but for his worn sandals. The taller boy caressed the other, his hands roaming differences of textures and muscle and shapes. And they exchanged words that I couldn't hear before the naked youth knelt in the soft padded grasses and raised the taller shepherd's tunic, revealing his protruding, angrily dark manhood. The kneeling shepherd smiled and slipped the length between his wide spread lips, closing his eyes and suckling like a first-calf upon its heifer! It wasn't the first time I had watched the two shepherd boys, or their peers. The young shepherds and shepherdesses were oft taken to quell their boredom in such fantastic ways, which was a great deal of the reason I found myself following them more day by day. But this morning, something quite extraordinary occurred, as the boys groans crescendoed over the bays of their flock and the wind began to whip around me. I felt such heat rising from my loins and belly that I was afeared of an overcoming fever. My mouth watered and panted and the muscles of my loins and thighs clenched together twitching violently. My eyes clouded in a watery haze, but I was determined. I kept my gaze on the shepherds as they knelt together in the grass nude tits xxx movies, the naked boy on all fours, his rear upturned to the taller boy. My own hips shook and rocked as I watched the tall boy press the tip of his manhood against the other boy, seeking and finding entry. My back arched and head rolled as the naked boy pumped back and forth, his high buttocks finally bumping against the groin of his companion. The heat and nerves within overcame me and I had no choice but surrender, mentally and physically, to the sensations that came crashing down. And I cried out loudly, having discovered for the first time that my own mind was the conduit for passion without physical touch! But the shepherd boys stopped at my cry and quickly separated, looking around the fields. Giggling, I rolled down the hill panting and shivering in triumph. I ran fast away, fit to beat the wind playfully swirling about me. And that night, in the quietude of my own chamber, and each night following, again and again, I remembered each detail of the scene, each caress and thrust and arduous groan shared by the shepherds. In the still darkness, I trained myself to remember until I repeatedly achieved the same passionate release I'd felt rolling down the hill. The mortal world is beautiful and wide and human life is a fragile, indescribable beauty. And it is so brief as well. Eighteen years had gone by for my sisters and I as merely a deep sigh. But shortly after the year's third new moon, inordinate changes began in us beyond we could have anticipated. It seemed to happen almost overnight that our mortal coils did exuviate, beginning to expose us for who and what we truly were. The night before, we'd bid our benefactors and each other good night, retired to our own chambers and prepared our slumber as we had day in and out for years. But before dawn, and long before the rest of the house rose, my sisters came tumbling into my room hapless and aghast. Suddenly, their skin — which had been far enough smooth and fair — had become alabaster and polished and without flaw like endlessly pouring cream. Agvi was the most affected in this way as her skin, formerly browned and bruised in spots from her rakish tomfooleries, radiated with the perfect and ceaseless wonder of daylight on fresh fallen snow. Though in truth, this change was the least surprising metamorphosis. Agvi's hair and eyes were altered as well as her energetic figure; chestnut to blazing auburn and hazel to etherous lapis and stick-straight to buxom. Gone were Thavma's winsome, engaging crooked grin, broad nose and happy puppy fat. Her height, limbs and face became imposingly symmetrical and lean and long — wistful and sensitive instead of smirking and colorful. The haphazardry of her chestnut hair was now raven silk and her once brown eyes dilated with an overwhelming violet intensity. Moved by their tears and whimpers, I, too, clambered out of my bed and lit candles about such that we could study me too. I removed my night clothes and stood at an angle to see all of myself in the short looking glass. Like my sisters, my hair and body and skin had changed significantly. My mousy dreaded locks now curled in long and flaxen waves down my back. My once brown eyes were luminescent grey. My taut figure had always been fine but now was of new, perfected proportions. My sisters' transformations shocked me far more than my own, however, and I turned to them smiling softly, reassuringly. "It's not so bad, I suppose." I took a few steps and turns to see my profile in different ways. But staring at my nakedness — my pillowy lips and rose flushed skin and bare pubis and high breasts and turgid nipples — my sisters wouldn't be assuaged. They seemed almost frightened, but their noble new faces were without the same expressiveness we'd so recently enjoyed. "Psyche," Thavma's whispers shook with great and disconcerting awe. "But what have you done? You are beautiful." "As are you," I countered, sauntering languidly to my now tall, lithe sister and caressing her voluminous black hair. Never before had I been so bold! But I grinned at her under my lashes as I felt the weight of her firm, ample breasts through her nightgown. My fingers met over the tipped stiffness of her nipples and I tugged gently until she moaned breathlessly for me, despite her confusion and fear. I felt butterflies flutter my loins at her reaction, a delicious simmering heat inside my newly awakened body. I knew what Thavma meant. But what good would it do us to worry? What was done was done. I kissed Thavma deeply, moving my tongue slowly over hers and savoring the taste of her mouth. I could smell her arousal. "But you are too beautiful," Agvi added, her pitch abnormally high with fright. I let Thavma's mouth go with a sigh and turned dreamy eyes on my radiant but concerned sister. "And you move like her. And you entice like her." Tears began anew in Agvi's eyes. She shook her head and her fingers raised to her soft red lips. "She will be so angry. And she will find us!" I reached for Agvi's hand, and pulled both of my sisters close to me. I felt them stiffen in reluctance before they moved into my bare arms. And in their slight, brief resistance to my embrace, I suffered greatly. We were still mortal; still human, at least some degree. And the lingering, human part of me needed their love and acceptance desperately. Whereas their lingering humanity was deeply aroused by the budding gifts of my immortality. It struck me as ironic that such a thing would play itself out in my very bed chamber. That my older sisters, the two mortal girls I loved the most, would become the first of my many conquests. My fate, though still largely undetermined, was a world away and far removed from the human world. Yet, even in our sameness — even in our shared legacy and ultimately forked destinies —the stunning changes we'd undergone had already, quickly, paid homage to the hierarchy of our true nature as goddesses: Agvi, the dawn. Thavma, the miracle. And myself, Psyche, the mind and soul. Soon, perhaps even too soon to say, all qualities that had made us human might disappear. What if it happened that radiant engulfing crests of the sun's heat emblazon overtook Agvi, or the awestruck exaltation of answered prayer devoured Thavma whole? I would lose my sisters. And they would evermore lose the delightful gifts of romance and sensuality, and even passionate desire. ;And so, I held Agvi firmly and ran my fingers over her spine and grasped the exaggerated curve of her high bottom. She shivered in my arm and nestled herself against my strong embrace. I kissed her forehead reverently and protectively. "She won't find you," I whispered, my voice low and full of authority. "I've got you. I'll always take care of you." Agvi let out a gentle sigh against my shoulder and I felt her relaxing. I caressed her a bit more demandingly, running my hands over the full flesh of her backside and lifting the hem of her gown. "Tell me you believe me." Agvi shivered but nodded. "Use your words, sweet girl. Tell me you believe me." "I believe you, Psyche," Agvi whispered. "Then take off your gown." Until that point, my metamorphosis and the expression of my godlike talents could have been complete or still far removed. But the sight of my shy sister undressing and exposing her radiant body to me was cathartic. I knew, like a flash of deja vu, that I was, at the very least, on a collision course with my destiny. I am the ruler of the subconscious mind, the giver of intuition and deepest felt identity. I felt the goosebumps on Agvi's white skin, and the flushed heat of her quivering belly and ran my hands over her oh-so soft and mountainous breasts. "Such sweet beauty," I complimented softly, murmuring my appreciation. "You're my soft and precious sweet girl, aren't you, sister?" Agvi groaned and kissed my cheek and tilted her head towards mine, her breath coming in pants and her eyes lost and yearning. I felt immensely powerful and I marveled that it took so little by way of words and assurances to move my darling sister's still human desires. I kissed Agvi's forehead again and let go of her and Thavma. I looked at myself again in the looking glass and knew my sisters were watching me too. I did look like her now! Like Aphrodite, the imperial goddess of love. But my talents were somewhat different than hers. I wondered absently what a bit of illustration and imagery without physical touch could do to possess the human mind! Could I stir my sisters' passions merely with word and thought in a similar manner that I'd discovered to bring myself such ecstasy? Still watching myself in the glass rather than my sisters, I posited a mere hypothetical. "But haven't you wondered, Agvi, at the sweetness Thavma has kept hidden from us all these years? How her breasts would feel in your hands, and the feminine warmth and taste of her most secret places? Tell me that those thoughts have crossed your sweet, dirty mind, sister." The room was silent but I forced myself to wait through is stillness. Finally, in a shaky whisper, hushed and small, Agvi softly admitted, "Yes, such thoughts have crossed my mind many times." I heard sadness and shame in her voice and went to her, standing behind her and wrapping an arm over her shoulder. I took hold of her breast, its fullness deliciously overflowing my hand. Agvi inclined her pretty head against my own and I kissed her cheek as I snaked my other arm around her waist. I moved my hand gently and slowly down to her mons. Thavma's eyes, wide and limpid, were watching us intently and her full lips were agape and panting as I spoke. "Never be ashamed of such thoughts, sweet girl. I love that you think such dirty thoughts. I love that you want to taste your sister's privacy, that you want to press your lips and tongue into the folds of her pussy and lick and caress her until she's moaning with love for you." Agvi and Thavma both groaned and I reveled in the sound. My meandering fingers delved lower, pressed against Agvi's mound as described and spread her wet, slippery pussy lips. I pinched her nipple rhythmically as I held her nether lips wide open for Thavma's fervent consideration. Agvi, lost and yearning, rolled her hips forward, moaning and undulating as Thavma watched. "But it wouldn't be fair to think these thoughts without sharing them with your sister, right?" Agvi shook her head. I smiled. "Thavma, wouldn't you love to bury your tongue into Agvi's small, gasping little pussy? She's so tiny and wet. And her entrance is so pink and tight! I can smell her scent too. Don't you smell her hot, sweet arousal?" Thavma swooned lightheaded but somehow managed to respond. "Yes." I smiled at her succinct, breathy sigh and complimented her as she took off her gown without my prompting. Her pussy was dusted with only a small strip of silky black hair and glistened with the copious evidence of her own arousal. Her delectable musk hit me, mingled in my tastebuds and olfactory with Agvi's, and I shuddered victorious. "Why not both give each other pleasure and comfort then? Now, while we still can. While it's fresh in your minds." All awkwardness fell away from my sisters. They met each other in a rapturous kiss, like experienced avid lovers, running their elegant long hands over each other's perfect curves and moving in tandem to the bed. "Good girls," I encouraged quietly, standing by the bedpost to watch them. "Yes, that's so right. So sexy and beautiful. I want to see you eat each other's pussies. I want to watch you both come for me." My sisters were ravenous. Their pussies were entwined and grinding against each other, drawing forth such pretty sighs and moans. And as they rocked, Thavma sucked Agvi's sensitive nipples until it seemed she'd climax just from that fervent attention. They grasped and pulled at each other deliriously in their desire until Agvi lay on top of Thavma, each girl's loins against the other's face, and they ate their fill of each other's wet pussies. Thavma having the advantage of an angle, thrust her long crooked fingers rapidly in Agvi until she howled loudly and sprayed her feminine essence across Thavma's face and hair and my bedspread. My sisters held each other in the soft aftermath of their heated lovemaking and I smiled warmly at them, reaching for their hands. They took my hands but their returned smiles were forced. The euphoric rush of passion fulfilled, they were again worried and mistrustful. And I discovered that my skills, though powerfully effective, were only short lived. Nothing in comparison to Aphrodite's awesomeness. The human mind is inconsistent and mercurial. My power over it, at least then, was only fleeting and limited. I drew the bathwater and cleaned my sisters, enjoying a bit too much their enjoyment of my fingers. I shivered in kind as I ran the rough sponge over their delicate skin. I meant only to clean them, but my own enjoyment was too peaked by their beauty and sensual responsiveness. And quickly, I was prompting them to wash each other and then to kiss each other, and finally, again, to taste and suckle each other's aroused mounds of Venus. "I enjoy it and do appreciate it," Thavma confessed on a breathy moan, Agvi's face buried in the hot wet juncture of her thighs. "But if you continue this way, Psyche, there's no doubt that Aphrodite will most surely find us!" I knew my sister was probably right. But I also knew that her thoughts in the moment were blocking her fast approaching orgasm. "She won't find us," I lied, clearing Thavma's mind so that she was free to come, the droplets of her pleasure squirting over Agvi and myself like a baptism. Only a few garments would fit our new frames. But once we'd dressed properly, we three left my chamber for the library to discuss further what must be done. "The only way to survive now is to split up," Agvi offered. "We must find new places to hide away again." Thavma agreed with our sister. "Agvi's right. Even if not so nice as our benefactors' home, we can make due. At least, until Aphrodite has forgotten us." "But where will we go, and how will we ever find each other again," I asked perplexed. Their plan didn't sound particularly effective to me! "We're eighteen now, a fit age to marry. And we have commendable dowries each. We should ask our benefactors' help to make arrangements for suitable matches."